Enrico Fravega


Enrico Fravega is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Trento (Department of Sociology and Social Research) and is a member of the HOASI research team. He has an MA Degree in Political Sciences and a Ph.D. in Social Sciences from the University of Genoa.

He is currently working on the conditions and housing patterns of asylum seekers and refugees.

Previously, he has carried out research activities, both for academic institutions and for non-academic institutions, on the following topics: analysis of the labor market, young people and NEETs, culture as a vector of socio-economic development.

Together with Massimo Cannarella he is the producer and co-author of “Il Crollo”, a documentary project (currently underway) on the experience of people displaced following the collapse of the Ponte Morandi (Genoa, August 14, 2018)

He is an avid reader and if he had had the fate of becoming a writer, the novels he would have loved to write are: “Momo“, by Romain Gary, and “The Lauras“, by Sara Taylor.

Corso Andrea Podestà, 2 - 16121 Genova (GE)


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