Andrea Ferraris


After high school he attended a course in graphics and scenography held by Gianni Polidori and Emanuele Luzzati. He works in Milan as assistant set designer for television and in Alessandria for opera, so he decides to indulge his great passion by enrolling in a comic course in Bologna where he knows, among others, Marcello Jori, Vittorio Giardino and Andrea Pazienza.
In 1992 he began a collaboration with Disney Italy realizing, for over 15 years, stories of Mickey and Donald. In 2007 he moved to Barcelona to work in the creative studio of Egmont, publisher of Copenhagen
He still designs Donald Duck’s stories on four strips for Egmont following the style of Carl Barks and the Italian style on 3 strips.
He designed illustrations and comics for “Alias” and “La Lettura” inserts of the newspapers “il Manifesto” and “Corriere della Sera”.
He also collaborates with the “Internazionale” magazine.
For Tunuè in 2008 he draws, on texts by Giacomo Revelli, “Bottecchia”, a comic story of the life of Ottavio Bottecchia, a cyclist from the 1920s, the first Italian to win the Tour de France.
In 2011 for Gallucci publisher “Il Pinguino e la Gallina” and in 2012, again for Gallucci “Cocco e Drilli” another illustrated book for children.
From 2013 to 2016 he lives in Paris where he has the opportunity to complete, “Churubusco”, his first work as a complete author, a story of the Italian of the Saint Patrick Battalion. Churrubusco was released in Italy for Coconino Press-Fandango, in France for Rackham editions, in Mexico for La Cifra Editorial and in the United States, for Fantagraphics.
In November 2017 “La Cicatrice” comes out for Oblomov in Italy, the story of a journey along the wall that divides the United States and Mexico, created together with Renato Chiocca.
“The Devil’s Language” his latest work was released in Italy for Oblomov editions and in France for Rackham editions.
Since 2017 he lives and works in Turin.

    Corso Andrea Podestà, 2 - 16121 Genova (GE)

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