Filmic sociology


By Mattia Meirana. Subject: S. Benasso, E. Fravega, F. Tenore (Italia. 2018)

A group NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training) discover that they have skills and abilities to carry out work activities or start businesses thanks to the support and empowerment offered by an orientation project.

Visual and Art-based Sociology

Eufemia. The submerged and the saved

By: L. Queirolo Palmas, E. Fravega, A. Daneri, A. Milotta, Z. Donchev, E. Zampa, G. Abdelouahab. (2019)

A public-art project stirring a collective reflection and debate on the issues of migration, rescue at sea and humanitarian help to migrants. The project has been developed in partenership with Progetto 20k, Urmis/Université Cote d’Azur/MSHS and University of Siena


Watch the video by Milotta&Donchev on Vimeo

Video by: E-learning service of the University of Genoa:

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