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Ongoing projects

The Jacket. An on-going graphic novel project on the passage of migrants through the Susa Valley 

The Jacket is a graphic novel based on a research experience carried out in autumn 2021, along the Italian-French border. Here, border crossing practices take place with the support of Solidaires people who help the migrants in their attempts to cross the border, pursuing the dream of continuing the game. A dramatic game.

MOBS – Mobilities, solidarities, and imaginaries across the borders

University of Genoa is leading a research project – joined also by research teams from University of Milan, University of Padua, University of Parma, and L’Orientale, University of Naples – which has been awarded within the PRIN (Programmi di Ricerca di Interesse Nazionale) framework.

Focusing mainly on the Italian context, the project focuses on the porosity of the national territory, deeply interconnected at a transnational level, where migrants on the move with different legal status and social positions give shape to various forms of temporary dwelling and mobility, despite the multiplication of borders and boundaries along lines of colour, race, citizenship, gender and class.

This project is meant to be a “slow documentary” – the shooting has started on the day of the bridge collapse and it is still ongoing – because its aim is to understand the effects of trauma over time.

UniverCiné project

The UniverCiné Erasmus+ project starts in October 2022 and within two years it aims to develop an academic program (hybrid, transnational, innovative and transferable to other contexts) to open up the access the European cinema at the higher education level, through cooperation between universities, professionals from the audio-visual / media sector and civil society.

Do migrants in Europe age well? A mixed methods and intervention study in four countries (MIG-AGE)

The project examines what it means for different migrant groups in Europe to age well, specifically
for first-generation retired labor migrants from Italy and Turkey living in Germany and the Netherlands
and for retirement migrants from Germany and the Netherlands living in Italy and Turkey.

Based on a highly innovative mixed methods design, we integrate quantitative (WP1) and qualitative methods (WP2), develop an intervention (WP3), and use visual sociology for dissemination (WP4).

Participants: Prof. Dr. Katja Möhring, University of Mannheim, Germany, Prof. Dr. Francesca
Lagomarsino, University of Genoa, Genova, Prof. Dr. Basak Bilecen, University of Groningen,
Groningen, the Netherlands, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Icduygu, Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey

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