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Juan Pablo Aris Escarcena is a PhD in Social Anthropology, trained at the University of Seville. He has conducted his doctoral studies on the borders of the European Union, analyzing the sociocultural implications of the EU migration policy, the construction of the regulatory framework for European borders within the European Union, and the impact, assimilations, and resistances at different levels in the face of this regulatory process. He has developed ethnographic field work on the southern border of Spain, in Melilla and Ceuta; in the several refugee camps, in the northwest of mainland Greece; in Calais and the northern region of France; in Ventimiglia, Schengen internal border between France and Italy; in the Calabria region (southern Italy); in the Region of Sicily (Italy).

He has applied innovative methodology to my research, and particularly he has applied audio-visual sociology during his field work research. In collaboration with the filmmaker Nicolás Braguinsky, they produced the documentary “Solidarity Crime: The Borders of Democracy”, which is in the selection process of various international documentary film festivals (the trailer is available here).

The results of his work have been published in four languages, in several well-known journals and books. The following are among his most outstanding publications:

Aris Escarcena, Juan Pablo. 2020. Christian Charity as the Last Line of Defense for Migrants in Ventimiglia. En E. Gozdziak, I. Main & B. Suter (2020) Europe and Refugee Response: A Crisis of Values? . Londres: Routledge.  https://www.routledge.com/Europe-and-the-Refugee-Response-Open-Access-A-Crisis-of-Values-1st/Gozdziak-Main-Suter/p/book/9780367233266


Martín Díaz, Emma & Aris Escarcena, Juan Pablo. 2019. The European Union and the background of the Global Compacts. International Migration, Special Issue. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/imig.12665

Aris Escarcena, Juan Pablo. 2019. Expulsions: The Construction of a Hostile Environment in Calais. European Journal of Migration and Law, Vol. 21 Issue 2, p. 215-237. Brill / Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. ISSN 1388-364X. https://doi.org/10.1163/15718166-12340048

Aris Escarcena, Juan Pablo & Da Silva, Amanda Carolina. 2019. La condition des mineurs isolés à Calais, un état des lieux post-Jungle. En S. Batibonak, J-F. Simba, H. Coulibaly (2019) Mutations dans les Migrations, Conflictualités dans les pratiques. Paris : L’Harmattan. ISBN : 978-2-343-16190-7. http://www.editions-harmattan.fr/index.asp?navig=catalogue&obj=livre&no=62376

Aris Escarcena, Juan Pablo. 2019. La lunga transizione spagnola, dall’isolamento franchista ai nuovi muri. AREL, Issue 3/2019 (Nemico). https://www.arel.it/archives/rivista/nemico-3-2019

Aris Escarcena, Juan Pablo. 2018. La paradoja del taxista: Ventimiglia como frontera selectiva, Vol. 2/2018, Editorial Franco Angeli, Italy, ISSN/ DOI 1972-4888. https://doi.org/10.3280/MM2018-002006

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