Leila Tazir

Visual sociologist

Leïla Tazir is a Phd candidate in visual and filmic sociology between Evry’s University, Paris-Saclay and Cordoba’s University, southern Spain. Passionated by documentaries in social and human sciences, her tesis work cross images, social movements and migration sociology. She analyses the circulation of the 15M’s movement and its effects in contemporary Spain, with case studies in Cordoba. She participates to a documentary, A land in Between, a Cross-cultural portrait of 10 Sardinians and their life stories between their island and their lives in France and Europe. She also contributed to the realisation of the short film La Tajeta Roja, which shows exiles people from sub-Saharan Africa in Cordoba, who explain to Spanish people their statute with this “red card” and its difficult recognition.

She just integrates the INA (National Institute of Audiovisual) as a pedagogic engineer for the start of Alpha Class next year. This Alpha class is a year honored by the orientation and pre-qualification to the audiovisual and numeric media works, destinated to the 17-25 years old students, without any condition of diplomas.


Link to the short-movies :

A Land in Between  https://vimeo.com/328993692

La Tajeta Roja https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMtU9YS5XqA

Corso Andrea Podestà, 2 - 16121 Genova (GE)


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