Pascal Bernhardt

Anthropologist and video-maker

Pascal Bernhardt grows in the Parisian suburbs in a dense multicultural environment, a context that has given him an openness and a vision of the world open to the other.
He arrives in Italy in 2008 and here he approaches and sensitizes, through an ethnographic research on the field, to the situation of young foreigners, migrants in the grip of administrative, social and existential difficulties. His master of historical and cultural anthropology for EHESS Toulouse in France ends with this research in 2011.
After taking courses in visual anthropology during his university career, he met in Genoa in 2011 a group of video makers from the “Ghettup TV”, where he perfected the use of the audio-visual medium, seeking experimental narrative forms aimed at probing and narrating lives and stories. So far he has continued to experiment, through various projects, film writing, directing and perfecting his shooting techniques in the field.

-2014 “If I was president” video clip with minors from the housing communities;
-2015/16 “Everywhere better”, musical short film with young Nigerian asylum seekers;
-2015/16 “Liguria that welcomes”, documentary on virtuous reception practices;
-2017/20 videomaker on the ERC artivism project

Corso Andrea Podestà, 2 - 16121 Genova (GE)

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