Erasmus+ Programme

Project UniverCiné 

The University of Nantes (France) is leading the Erasmus+ project UniverCiné in collaboration with the University of Genoa (Italy), the University of Perugia (Italy), the University of Rome Sapienza (Italy), the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and the University of Banja Luka (Bosnia), in addition to the extra-academic the associated partners: Katorza (Cinema – Nantes), UniverCiné association (France), CCFI / CCFA (European Cultural Centres Nantes – Italy & Germany), Regional Authority Pays de la Loire (France), FestivalScope (France).

UniverCiné starts in October 2022 and within two years it aims to develop an academic program (hybrid, transnational, innovative and transferable to other contexts) to open up the access the European cinema at the higher education level, through cooperation between universities, professionals from the audio-visual / media sector and civil society.

This program will be based on the concept of international e-jury within the framework of young cinema festivals in Europe.

Specifically, the project aims to:

– generalise and widen the access to young European cinema at the higher education level (first films in OST) to promote cultural and artistic diversity of Europe as well as multilinguism;

– contribute to strengthen multidisciplinary approach for the higher education academic offer through the integration of a specific academic program for and through cinema;

– provide a wide range of HE students with key language, intercultural, digital and soft skills, necessary to boost their employability, their understanding of societies and their active citizenship;

– create transnational and multi-sectorial cooperation networks (universities, public authorities, cultural stakeholders, cinema, media etc.) to ensure the transfer of the concept at long term for other language and cultural spheres (ie. Germany, UK), with other partner universities or in other geographical contexts (ex: with other cinema festivals);

 –  create (long-term impact) a joint international master program dedicated to subtitling.

Responsible for the Visual Sociology Research Group: Sebastiano Benasso, Luisa Stagi.

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