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Solidarity crimes podcast. Call for episodes

Throughout the last decade, a multiplicity of civil and penal law sanctions has been applied to contrast solidarity to migrants in any kind of geographic context. In a report published in 2020, whose icastic title is “Punishing Compassion. Solidarity on Trial in Fortress Europe”, Amnesty International attested a huge number of cases of criminalization of solidarity across Italy, France, Spain, Greece, UK, Croatia, Malta and Switzerland. And the current situation is going worse and worse.

To understand the consequences of the criminalization of solidarity is going to produce in the EU states, as well as in the lives of many people (migrants, solidarity actors, researchers, citizens) the Visual Sociology Research Group is launching a new collaborative podcast series focused on solidarity crimes.

For this reason a call for episodes has been opened.

Deadline: 30.04.2021

To download the Call for episodes, please click here!

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Let’s talk about Tunisia with prof. Hassen Boubakri (Université de Sousse)

Photo credits: ‘Department for International Development/Kate Joseph’.

Dans cet épisode du podcast nous nous déplaçons en Tunisie. Silvia Di Meo (Université de Gênes) interviewe Hassen Boubakri (Université de Sousse) l’interrogeant sur la construction de la Tunisie et des espaces transfrontaliers comme zones de confinement des migrants, un processus qui peut être considéré comme une conséquence de la décision de l’UE d’externaliser ses frontières. Par ailleurs, au cours de la discussion, le professeur Boubarki met l’accent sur le rôle des sujets de solidarité le long de la route migratoire et sur l’importance croissante des pratiques de recherche académique engagées dans les processus de solidarité.

Pour écouter l’épisode, cliquez ici!

In this episode of the podcast we move to Tunisia. Silvia Di Meo (University of Genoa) interviews Hassen Boubakri (Université de Sousse) questioning him about the construction of Tunisia and of transboundary spaces as areas of confinement for migrants, a process which can be considered a conequence of the EU decision to externalize its borders. Furthermore, during the discussion, Professor Boubarki focuses on the role of the subjects of solidarity along the migratory route and on the growing importance of academic research practices engaged in solidarity processes.

To listen to the episode, please click here!

border, migrations, podcast, Tunisia

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